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10 Must-Read Books to Build Resilience in Toddlers: Expert Recommendations

Engaging in storytelling sessions with your toddler isn't just about words on a page; it's a chance to weave magic into their world while boosting their language skills and emotional growth. Plus, it's an amazing opportunity for you both to share precious moments and strengthen your bond. Whether it's snuggling up before bedtime or finding a cozy corner during the day, reading together sparks joy and connection. Check out these fantastic book recommendations from our experts at DeKalb County Public Library, specially curated to nurture resilience in toddlers. Let's dive into the world of stories and build resilience, one page at a time!


ABC of Feelings explains that it's perfectly okay--and normal!--to feel many different things, and gives both kids and parents the tools they need to make the abstract nature of feelings and emotions easier to discuss and understand.

"Ruby Discovers a Worry is a captivating children's book addressing the theme of anxiety. Ruby, a young child, encounters a tiny worry that gradually grows in size, overshadowing her happiness. During a visit to the park, she comes across another child facing a challenge and decides to engage in a conversation.Through their heartfelt conversation, both Ruby and the other child find comfort and relief, highlighting the power of connection in overcoming difficulties.

This book aims to instill in children the idea that every problem presents an accompanying opportunity. Confronting challenges may be difficult or intimidating, but there lies potential beyond them."

Learning new things is hard and The Magical Yet is an adorable picture book to remind you that all the hard work, all the failures, bruises and scrapes along the way will someday pay off. It’s a great little book to encourage growth and positive mindsets for young children, told in a sing-song-y rhyme by Angela DiTerlizzi and gorgeously illustrated by Lorena Alvarez.

Throughout the day, a lively baby joins her mother's yoga routine, exploring various poses with curiosity and joy. In the midst of their busy schedule, yoga becomes a delightful way for parent and child to connect, laugh, and bond. With its playful and heartwarming approach, "Yoga Baby" shows that it's never too early for families to enjoy the benefits of yoga together

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