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Best Baby books : Books recommendations for babies

Updated: Feb 27

Reading and storytelling can help strengthen relationships between babies and children and their caregivers.There are many different ways to read and tell stories to babies and children, such as reading books, looking at picture books, singing songs, or telling stories from your culture. Babies and young children often enjoy books, songs, and stories with good rhyme, rhythm, and repetition.

Any time is a good time to read or tell a story to a baby or child. Try to share at least one book or story each day.

Why reading is important for babies and young children ?

Reading and storytelling can help children develop their literacy, imagination, focus, social skills, and understanding of the world.

  • Helps children learn about sounds, words, and language. Reading and storytelling exposes children to new words and helps them learn how to use them in context. It also helps them develop their listening and comprehension skills.

  • Introduces children to the value of books and stories. Reading and storytelling can help children develop a love of reading and a appreciation for the power of stories.

  • Sparks children's imagination and curiosity. Stories can transport children to new worlds and help them explore their own creativity. They can also help children learn about new things and ask questions.

  • Promotes brain development and focus. Reading and storytelling requires children to use their brains in a variety of ways, including listening, thinking, and imagining. This can help to promote brain development and improve focus.

  • Helps children build social, communication, and emotional skills. Stories can help children learn about social interactions, how to express their emotions, and how to deal with difficult situations. They can also help children build empathy for others.

  • Helps children learn about the world, their own culture, and other cultures. Stories can introduce children to different cultures, customs, and perspectives. This can help them to develop a more understanding and tolerant world view.

Tips for sharing books with children:
  • Make it a routine. Set aside sometime each day to read with your child. This could be at bedtime, after dinner, or any other time that works for you. Having a regular reading time will help your child get excited about books and make it more likely that they will enjoy reading.

  • Find a quiet place. Turn off theTV, radio, and other distractions so that your child can focus on the story. A comfortable place to sit, such as a couch or chair, will also help your child relax and enjoy the reading time.

  • Get involved. Use gestures, facial expressions, and different voices to bring the story to life. This will help your child stay engaged and make the reading time more fun.

  • Encourage participation. Ask your child questions about the story and encourage them to talk about the pictures. This will help them learn new words and concepts and make the reading time more interactive.

  • Make connections. Talk about how the story relates to your child's own life. This will help them see the relevance of the story and make it more meaningful.

  • Let your child choose. When your child is old enough, let them choose the books that they want to read. This will help them develop their own interests and make the reading time more enjoyable.

  • Be patient. Don't worry if your child doesn't always sit still or pay attention during the reading time. Just keep reading and eventually they will get used to it.


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Here are few best baby books that our child loved reading

1. Leo Loves Daddy (Leo Can!) , by Anna McQuinn and Ruth Hearson

Every day is fun with Leo and his daddy!!

Leo and daddy loved to make pancake, dance to the beat, go the park. When its time to sleep Daddy's hug are snuggliest.

2. The Little School Bus , by Margery Cuyler (Author), Bob Kolar (Illustrator)

Join Driver Bob and his little school bus as they wake early, pick up a diverse group of children, and drop them off at school. Then it's over to the garage to fix a tail light. All in a day's work for this trusty team. The lyrical text, catchy rhyme, and bright pictures make this a perfect choice for preschoolers who are soon to be school bus riders!

3. Good Night, Noah by Eric Walters (Author), Eugenie Fernandes (Illustrator)

A young child imagines all of his animal friends have come to life as he says good night to each of them before tucking in to sleep. “Moo,” says the cow. “Good night, cow,” says Noah. With hints on each page of the animal featured on the following page, the simple, repetitive text will encourage your little reader to wish their own stuffed animals sweet dreams as they snuggle down for the evening.

4. Find Spot at the Halloween Party: A Lift-the-Flap Book , by Eric Hill (Author, Illustrator)

Join Spot and his friends as they dress up in spooky costumes for a Halloween party. Halloween is an exciting first experience for little ones, and Spot can't wait for all of the magic to begin -- he loves Halloween! With bold, simple design, and plenty of humor, this brand new Spot adventure is full of unexpected lift-the-flap surprises and all the fun that has made the original Where's Spot? a children's classic.

5. Who's Behind There? by Giuliano Ferri (Author)

Is that a scary tiger—or just a playful kitten? A reaching earthworm—or a chameleon grabbing a snack? A sea anemone—or a giant puffer fish? This interactive board book offers so much for little animal lovers, as each spread folds out twice to reveal a larger-than-life creature practically leaping off the page. Toddlers who love guessing games will be delighted by the magnitude of the surprises in this developmentally appropriate book.

6. Little Panda by Julie Abery (Author), Suzie Mason (Illustrator)

On a snowy day, Little Panda goes on an adventure to play in the snow, but mama is always close by her cub. Like any toddler, Little Panda loves to explore and try new things. Playtime is filled with fun and a few tumbles, but mama helps dust Little Panda off and get back to the business of play. Nature is a perfect playground!

Short rhyming lines in this illustrated board book tell a sweet story of youthful adventure and motherly love.

7. Brown Bear, Brown Bear, What Do You See? by Bill Martin Jr. (Author), Eric Carle (Author)

A big happy frog, a plump purple cat, a handsome blue horse, and a soft yellow duck--all parade across the pages of this delightful book. Children will immediately respond to Eric Carle's flat, boldly colored collages. Combined with Bill Martin's singsong text, they create unforgettable images of these endearing animals.

8. Everything Grows (Raffi Songs to Read) by Raffi (Author), Nina Mata (Illustrator)

From children to animals, from leaves on a tree to fish in the sea, everything grows. Raffi's popular and catchy song encourages kids to take in the world around them and appreciate the way everything is growing together. Lush illustrations by Nina Mata show families interacting with a community garden and marveling at the interconnectedness of the earth in this timely and timeless song and story.

9. Snow Days by Deborah Kerbel (Author), Miki Sato (Illustrator)

For small children, snow is a wonder. It sparkles and glitters. It transforms the outside world. Every kind of snow brings its own magic. It invites snow angels, skating, fort-building, and snowballs. Even blizzard days are exciting, when routines are overturned and everyone bands together to clear the snow away. For the youngest among us, winter is magical.

10. City Baby by Laurie Elmquist (Author), Ashley Barron (Illustrator)

Bustling streets, lively squares and busy restaurants are baby’s playground when they are in the big city. So much to see and do as baby’s stroller navigates the crowded avenues or baby takes a break in a quiet park to blow bubbles and chase pigeons. Ashley Barron’s paper-collage illustrations are a joy to behold, bringing energy and life to this delightful board book. Rhyming verse from Laurie Elmquist takes the reader on a journey through a festive big city.

Leo loves to go to Baby Time with his mommy on Wednesdays. They sing songs. They play peekaboo. They wiggle and clap and kick their little legs. They zoooooom to the moon! And, Leo’s favorite thing: playing with the animals. Then everyone shares a cuddle and a story.

12. Toad on the Road: A Cautionary Tale by Stephen Shaskan (Author, Illustrator)

With bouncy call-and-response text and vivid illustrations, this lively picture book from author-illustrator Stephen Shaskan is sure to have readers giggling along with Toad's silly antics. A perfect read-aloud!

Who’s that coming down the road?

Oh yikes! Oh yikes!

It’s a bear on a bike.

13. Baby Loves Winter!: A Karen Katz Lift-the-Flap Book by Karen Katz (Author, Illustrator)

Baby explores the wonders of winter in this seasonal lift-the-flap board book from Karen Katz!

Little ones will love lifting the flaps in this book to reveal a red sled, a giant snowplow, a cute furry groundhog, and everything else that Baby loves about winter! The sturdy format and easy-to-lift flaps are perfect for parents and children to share.

14. The Little Ice Cream Truck by Margery Cuyler (Author), Bob Kolar (Illustrator)

Join the little ice cream truck and its cheerful driver, Sue, as they trot all over their diverse town to deliver everyone’s favorite flavor of ice cream on a hot sunny day. With little ice cream truck’s jingly tune and pitstops at a birthday party, a park, and the zoo, this is a joyful new installment in the Little Vehicle series, which focuses on the many daily tasks of working trucks.

15. Little Sleepyhead by Elizabeth McPike (Author), Patrice Barton (Illustrator)

By the end of a busy day, little knees are tired from crawling, little arms are tired from stretching—even little lips are tired from blowing kisses. But with the help of gentle verse, and art as sweet as a bedtime lullaby, tired little eyes will quickly give way to sleep.

16. I Make Space by Sara Cassidy (Author), Jimmy Tigani (Illustrator)

This uniquely illustrated board book follows a young bunny through their day while they make space for themselves and others, delivering a straightforward but impactful message about boundaries and consent.

17. Circle! Sphere! (Storytelling Math) by Grace Lin (Author, Illustrator)

Manny and his friends Olivia and Mei blow bubbles in this playful introduction to geometry. Manny's wand is a circle. Olivia's wand is a square. Mei's wand is a heart. What shape will their bubbles be? (Surprise! They're all spheres.)

18. Most Wonderful Gift in the World by Mark Sperring (Author), Lucy Fleming (Illustrator)

On Christmas morning, Esme and Bear wake up to find a gift under the tree that’s not for either of them. So the two set out to find the present’s recipient, Little Bunny Boo-Boo. They travel on the Treacherous Path through the snow, encounter the Howling Gale, and push their way through deep, deep snowdrifts to Little Bunny Boo-Boo’s house. Little do they know that the gift they are bringing is the greatest gift in the world. A heartwarming Christmas tale about the magic of friendship.


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